Dental Implants

At Gerome Family Dentistry, we know that dental implants offer an ideal solution for replacing missing teeth. With high success rates and the flexibility of being able to replace a single tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth, dental implants can fit the lifestyle of virtually any patient.

Dental implants are different from any other form of tooth replacement because they replace the whole tooth, not just the crown. By replacing the tooth root as well as the crown, dental implants offer even greater stability. They are strong and long lasting. They also support ongoing jaw health. Tooth roots stimulate the jaw bone to keep it strong and healthy, and replacing tooth roots that have been lost is good for your jaw and facial shape. You won’t have the same problems with sagging that you might with other forms of tooth replacement.

We’ll use excellent skill in crafting your dental implant restorations. A dental implant can support a single crown, a bridge, or a denture, and we’ll provide the restorations that best suit your tooth loss. Dental implants are often used as part of full-mouth reconstruction treatment because they offer excellent results.

Contact us to make an appointment with our team. Dr. Gerome and Dr. Patrice believe very strongly in continuous education, and they are always learning the latest in treatments and techniques. This means that you can count on us for modern dental care, including beautiful dental implants.