Full-Mouth Reconstruction
Get a Smile Makeover with Dr. Gerome or Dr. Patrice

For Loveland, Ohio and surrounding communities, Gerome Family Dentistry offers a range of options for correcting damage to your smile. Cosmetic and restorative dentistry offer ways to improve the appearance and function of your smile, and these techniques can be combined to design a full-mouth reconstruction to address severe damage.

You may have more than one issue that needs to be addressed: broken teeth, extensive decay, missing teeth, chips, and more. Dr. Gerome and Dr. Patrice are committed to helping our patients have whole smiles by performing comprehensive full-mouth reconstruction, or as we like to call it, a 'smile makeover". We never judge our patients’ damaged smiles.

Your full-mouth reconstruction treatment plan will address all of the damage that’s been done to your smile. We might combine procedures like:

A full-mouth reconstruction is personalized to your specific pattern of damage. If you’re missing teeth, we’ll want to replace them. Missing teeth contribute to a host of ongoing oral health and function problems. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, we can combine veneers and crowns to both protect and strengthen your smile while improving your appearance.

Through Dr. Gerome’s and Dr. Patrice's commitment to continuing education,  they have both developed a talent for performing full-mouth reconstruction.

To schedule a consultation, contact our office. Don’t be discouraged if your dental problems are complex or severe. We can create a plan to rehabilitate your smile with full-mouth reconstruction!